Here's the key questions from Mike Dodds' post-match press conference after Sunderland's 5-1 defeat to Blackburn Rovers.

A long afternoon and there's no dressing it up, it's a bad result?

Yeah it's a bad result and an even worse performance. That's completely unacceptable. I don't take that lightly when I say that. That's probably the best word I can use at the moment. Someone said 'Is it a game to forget?' It's not a game to forget, it's a game we've got to use to demonstrate to this young group that one week you think you've cracked it, then you get a complete humbling 48 hours later. I'm angry. I'm really angry and trying to use my words correctly. It's a completely unacceptable performance for this football club.

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Where do you think it went wrong?

Look, we can use the turnaround of games as an excuse, but there's no excuse for that. I felt we felt sorry for ourselves. There was a huge amount in the game that I didn't like, both in and out of possession. Blackburn are deserved winners and I don't like saying that, particularly on our home patch. That's not acceptable for a club of this size and magnitude. As the head coach I have to take responsibility for it. When they come back into training, we're going to have some really honest conversations and I'm sure there'll be some uncomfortable conversations but they've got to be had if we're to move forward as a group.

Have there been any conversations at half-time or full-time from the players, any acknowledgement of the afternoon?

I'll be honest, I didn't give them a huge opportunity to talk. They're left under no illusions my thoughts. If they want to play for this football club, they've got to put a better performance than that in. If they don't put a better performance than that in, they won't play. 

Five goals in the six-yard box as well?

All the goals are our mistakes. That's not to take anything away from Blackburn, all the goals are our mistakes. It's a crap performance and I can't pick anyone out in the team that deserves any credit.

You brought on Clarke, Rigg and Dack at 4-0. Was there any point or was it to just show something different?

I just felt getting some fresher legs on the pitch might've helped. Lets be honest, I could've subbed the whole team couldn't I? But, look, we're going to have to reflect. We're going to use it as motivation, as a huge learning curve for the fact we can't put in a performance like we did 48 hours ago and then that. It's completely unacceptable.

First 20 minutes was quite promising, you couldn't have seen what was going to happen after?

I didn't feel there was much in the game tactically. I'm not going to go into tactics. I didn't feel there was much in the game in terms if individuals. My initial reflection is we conceded two really soft goals that are completely avoidable. From our mistakes and we felt sorry for ourselves. I don't label this group, or point fingers at this group very often, but that's left me furious. They'll be back in and we'll have an uncomfortable conversation. If they don't want to put a performance in, which this football club deserves, they won't put a shirt on.

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People talk about the model and the project, where is this football club going?

I think that's a little bit harsh because 48 hours we were praising the group for playing Chriss Rigg and Jobe's performance. 48 hours ago it was a bit lighter. Then now, it's the opposite. That is also the group's responsibility and my responsibility. What we had 48 hours ago and then that. It's completely unacceptable. I keep using that phrase. I don't think we can just scrap the model or the identity based on today. Like I said on Friday, people were a little bit more positive. From my perspective, I can't ride that wave of emotion, the ups and downs. Is that a game to forget? It's not one we're going to forget it's one we'll have to use and one that we're going to have to develop and move us forward.

Six games to go, you're entitled to demand a response but there's a lot of football still to play and you need to generate some positivity between now and the end of the season?

Definitely. I think that's where my frustration lies. One step forward on Friday and two steps back now. Ultimately, I put the team on the pitch. As I said, there isn't anyone in that starting XI that I can single out for any particular praise. When you sit in my position, it's hugely frustrating because you feel like you've opened the door to the direction we want to go in on Friday, I thought it was a really positive performance and you get the polar opposite today. That's where my frustration lies at the moment.