Every word from Kristjaan Speakman on Regis Le Bris, last seasons mistakes, pre-season plans and contract talks.

What can Sunderland fans expect from the new head coach?

KS: “Well first of all, everyone is really excited to be back. It’s great to get the first days training. The weather hasn’t been as kind to us today but it won’t jeopardise our work. In Regis, you’re getting a really thoughtful, really diligent, really detailed coach, tactically really astute.

“Everything we do will be geared towards developing the group, developing the team, the individual focus and ultimately winning games.” 

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We had to bide our time on conclude that deal and bring him to the Stadium of Light?

KS: "I think acquiring a head coach is always a complex process. But I think it would be remiss of us not to mention the fact that our comms wasn't great over the summer. That wasn't intentional.

"You know, the plan was to go out early with information. That became a little bit difficult with how that process went. And even when Kyril made his statement in early June, it was several weeks later that we were actually able to conclude the deal and announce Regis as the head coach.

"We'll certainly try to improve that element and we really, really respect the patience."

As the new season begins, how do you and the club reflect on the last campaign?

KS: "I think, ultimately, no one's happy with how certainly the second part of last season went. There's a little dose of failure there for the staff, the players and myself.

"And that's not necessarily a bad thing in terms of our drive and desire to want to get better. You know, it's always important to be learning and we're always trying to learn. 

"And we've learned a lot about ourselves and each other in that period. I think, hopefully, it just makes us stronger for the season coming up."

As we preview the new season, you visited the stadium with Regis last week, the energy was incredible wasn’t it? There now feels like there’s momentum leading into July and August?

KS: “First of all, the staff over at Black Cat House that are involved in the new shop, the branding, the kit - they’ve done an incredible job. It’s great to see everyone really proud about their work.

“When you’re discussing the new head coach and you’re trying to convince them to come to the club, we know how unique Sunderland is and you’re trying to tell people how unique Sunderland is.

“For me to take Regis down, see the store, the fans and walk the line of people patiently waiting. Take some autographs and chat to some supporters, that gives him a real feel for what the club is like and I’m sure he’ll get a better feeling as we move into pre-season with fan interaction at the games.”

What’s next then, head coach is in, training is underway, what’s next on our agenda? 

KS: “We want to make sure pre-season is executed really well. It’s all about having good planning and have a good pre-season.

"My ultimate focus is the transfer window and making sure the squad is in the right place moving forward, we've already started that process with the goalkeeping changes we've already made. 

"It's also about retaining talent and hopefully we'll have good news in the next couple of days on some our exciting talent."