A week that began with a new leader to restore hope across Wearside ended in a similar manner.

Both arrive impassioned, fresh with ideas, a hope that austerity measures are increasingly distant and their respective red realms can thrive.

The similarities for Messrs Le Bris and Starmer don't end there. Be it coaching or cabinet, the new leaders will spend the coming weeks considering the suitability of candidates to occupy positions as trusted aides as they set about rectifying the endless transgressions of predecessors.

Both have faced the spotlight within their fledgling roles, demonstrated composure in response to the probing of press and now take their first steps in their respective journey and, with the talk over, the scrutiny begins to settle on the ability to walk the walk. 

While Starmer has the present Bank of England and inflation, amongst other things, to occupy his time, Régis Le Bris has the past Bank of England club and the deflation of a considerable section of the support. 

The week ahead offers a different type of question and answer for Le Bris. 

At the Stadium of Light he will face the masses. An opportunity for supporters to touch base with the man their hopes and dreams now lie with. Given the lack of knowledge regarding evident credentials it may be that charisma and conviction may have to suffice for first impressions.

Lightening the load somewhat will be Kristjaan Speakman, who is not as much facing the masses as facing the music. The duo will take to the stage, with the new manager being spared any potential acrimony as Speakman has the spotlight as he attempts to explain why it went so badly wrong as last season progressed.


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Whilst a warm welcome will, for the most part, be afforded to Le Bris, I suspect the desire of many an attendee will be more of an interrogation regarding the sporting director. He has become, in many respects, the public face of the decision makers, and his utterances are interpreted as speaking to the degree of commitment from those who have responsibility. 

That, of course, is dependent on certain queries being permitted and the environment being more Paxman than Pravda. 

If so, it allows Le Bris to ingest the passion the fans have, that hoping for an ascension without it being bonded to necessary action is unacceptable. 

As a football person I am certain Le Bris would rather fanaticism than not, but, equally, he will know that such emotional investment is a double edged sword and when things go awry the rumblings and reverberations are expressed in a filter-less style and there will be little pardoning of the French.